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I am the fourth of five generations of family in our community and a lifelong resident.  I am married to Joanna Hike who is a reading teacher at Lewis and Clark Middle School in Bellevue, my daughter Jessica and her husband Wayne live in Pensacola FL with my grandsons Grayson, Talon, and Ashton,  our son Dillon graduated from UNL and our youngest son Dalton is a senior at Bellevue East High School.

I have been a real estate broker in the Bellevue area for 40 years and opened Hike Real Estate in early 2013.  Since then we have grown from a 3 agent single office brokerage to a 30 agent four office full service brokerage firm.  I am proud of my partners, staff and agents for getting involved in the communities, providing professional service, and making a difference. 

A lot of the success I have experienced over the past decade comes from an old lesson of surrounding myself with good people.  I would one up that and say I have surrounded myself with great people.  My first term as mayor exemplifies that belief and the results of our success shows just how much can be achieved with great people working hard, being accountable, and communicating with one another.

As your mayor, I will continue to bring my work ethic, integrity, and "can do" attitude to city hall.  You will not find a more passionate and capable person to represent Bellevue.

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